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They start off by celebrating some of their supportive and generous Patreon Frans, before moving on to celebrate some democratic wins in some very UN-democratic states. The whole thing is clumsy and slightly hard to listen to, but if you like your politics with a side of pissy withdrawals, then you're gonna love this episode! This episode is late, and the audio seriously sucks, but who cares?

They talk about everything from Sister Act 2 to campaign finance. These boys are fearless. They have opinions and they aren't afraid to share them. So, grab yourself some noise cancelling headphones, because you're not gonna wanna miss a word. Leon Goldman to help them get out of their funk, by taking them to Dark Money Scheww. For the lesson plan, Dr.

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The girls couldn't have asked for a better teacher on a subject that no American or Brit for that matter should be ignoring. All that, plus Trump killed the leader of Isis, and a hunter got revenge-gutted by the deer he tried to murder. Listen at your own risk and preferably with a cocktail nearby because it's not just the money that's dark in this episode. And while this episode may be a day late and a dollar short, all of the democratic candidates are money AF.

All in all, the Town Hall was a resounding success, only to be overshadowed by Trump's insane Kanye-rantings at a series of rallies, and the near-arrest of his personal thug, Rudy Ghoulliani. CNN-fueled glory.

OFFER NISSIM 2019 - New Year Podcast by Or Elkayam

In a move that was shocking to no one, Trump enlisted the help of a foreign government to help him in the election, and someone at the CIA blew the whistle. Will this be the thing to finally get him impeached? After that, it's all about how Saudi Arabia got bombed by drones and why they think Trump is blaming Iran. Then, Julie's heterosexual dad stops by to share his gay feelings about immigration, before a Brandy-powered So There's That. Sure to disappoint most of their 14 listeners, the girls pulled the best moments from the candidates that are nearest and dearest to their hearts.

In the interest of time, they keep their commentary short and let the clips speak for themselves. Evangelical leader and anti-gay activist, Jerry Falwell Jr. Fueled by alcohol withdrawals and pms, they transfer their redundant rage from Christian criminals to corporate ones in yet another anti-Amazon segment. This episode is like a lettuce-wrapped burger: parts of it are good, but it's just too messy to enjoy. What would normally be the pinnacle of any episode, is topped by a visit from Dumb Gay Politics legend, Anthony Scaramucci.

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The Mooch didn't have much time to talk, but that doesn't stop the girls from lurking and hounding him until he makes the time to tell the 14 listeners the updated 'friends to enemies' tale between him and Trump. There's no news, and anything significant is happening because Trump is insane. From hawking his golf resort at the G7 Summit, to threatening to buy Greenland, the president is on a one-way train to crazy town. The whole thing is very random, but if you can make sense through their hangovers, you just might learn something.

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